Feminism for Sale

When I returned from six months abroad, which were the first five months of Donald Trump’s presidency, I was in awe at all of the feminist apparel around USC’s campus and the States in general. From “Nasty Woman” t-shirts to enamel “Girl Power” pins on backpacks, I began to wonder where all of these products … Continue reading Feminism for Sale

Graphic Design for Social Change

First came war propaganda, then came political campaigns, billboards, mass media, and compelling advertisements. Since as long as we have been communicating, graphic design has not only been influencing the way we feel, think, and behave, but it has also been telling us what we can and should do with our lives. It is everywhere … Continue reading Graphic Design for Social Change

Design Activism in the Public and Private Space

Walking into any modern art museum or gallery you are likely to be presented with political based and progressive based art and design. Whether pushing the boundaries of gender, race, femininity or masculinity, consumerism and wealth, or technology, contemporary art museums and galleries often carry provocative and thought-provoking material with them. However, would this art … Continue reading Design Activism in the Public and Private Space

Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe?

The iconic Guerrilla Girls group have been exposing the institutionalised sexism in art galleries since 1985. One of their most recent displays takes place at The White Chapel Gallery in East London. From the street level, a large banner is hung to the right of the gallery entrance that reads the premise behind the exhibition: … Continue reading Guerrilla Girls: Is it even worse in Europe?

Why Design Activism?

Graphic design is almost always associated as a commercialized or corporate set of skills. From “Oh, can you design my logo?” to “Are you really good at Photoshop?”, every designer knows these questions all too well. These are great misconceptions about graphic design for it does not only exist in the corporate realm. Graphic designers … Continue reading Why Design Activism?